Private Balloon


Private Balloon is advance internet activity logging software coded in ASM/C which means it doesn’t require any dependency.

  • Description


Private Balloon is a great application to take full control of your business.

  • Stable
  • Coded in ASM/C (x86 & x64)
  • Full PE-Injection
  • Unicode Support
  • Hidden Startup
  • Ring3 Kit
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Private Balloon Works on all versions of Windows
  • Private Balloon Bypasses anti keylogger and all key scramblers
  • Full Access
  • Browser Password Recovery (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE, Safari, Tor Browser & 38 other browsrs)
  • File Manager

Secure PHP Panel, Free updates, Small stub (130kb/RAW & 85kb Compressed),Download & Execute, Browser password recovery (HTTP-HTTPS-SPDY-HTTP/2,Keystroke, Clipboard), Password recovery (Outlook, Thunder Bird, Skype, Pidgin, icq, Filezilla & 38 other softawres)

Additional information

License DurationLifetime Including Hosting & Setup
Supported OSWindows